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About Dera Baghdarrah

In the wild heart of Aravalli lies the forest of Baghdarrah, famed for it’s huge population of crocodiles.Situated right inside the Baghdarrah forest reserve, a mere 30 minutes drive from the popular tourist destination of Udaipur in Rajasthan, is Dera Baghdarrah, a rustic wildlife camp with luxury, tented accommodations. Dera baghdarrah offers an exclusive and rare experience of staying inside a forest reserve with the jungle playing host.The camp will take you back in the days¬† of Raj with its colonial furniture and spacious canvass shikar tents.It’s just a drive away from all the popular tourist spots of Udaipur yet gives a true wildlife experience in the deciduous forests of Aravalli Range.The small natural lake provides adobe to an abundant aquatic brid life – storks,cormorants,geese,teals,kingfishers,egrets and many more.

Package 1

Luxury Tented Accomodation

A perfect way to escape the chaos of urban life.Package includes Breakfast,Lunch/Dinner,Ziplining over the lake,pass for the treewalk

Package 2

Lunch and Jungle Safari

This is perfect for those who can’t spare a full night.Its ideal for a family outing or a romantic meal overlooking the forest and the lake, spiced with a jungle safari in the beautiful deciduous forest of Aravalli.Package will include rent of the gypsy for safari, a guided tour with an expert in bird and animal life,plus the meals.

The Tents

The 5 cozy tents are each build with natural canvas.They house a large toiled and shower area attached to a living room anf flaunt a spacious veranda.Each tent location has been exclusively selected near the natural lake to give the best views of the jungle .Every lake-facing veranda is equipped with colorial compaign furniture and wildlife or just gaze at the stars.All tents run completely on solar energy.It is our commitment to preserve the natural beauty of the forest from urban electric lines by taking a step towards renewable sources of energy.

Activities at Dera


Bird Watching Trails

Take a birdwatching tour with our local experts, drawing from the knowledge passed on from generations, they add a wholesome local flavor to this activity.


Jungle Trails On Bike

The Bike Trails is ideal for people with a passion for adventure with neewly recharged energy, what defines this trail is natural beauty and biking!



Those interested in angling can enjoy Mahaseer fishing ‘catch abd release’,which is a rare sport now.Hire our fishing tackle and easily spend an entire day without realizing how time has trickled by.


Zip Lining

For adventure enthusiast our Zip line across the lake is an ideal acitivity.Our trained guides will help you use special equipment and techniques to experience this amazing wildness from a unique perspective.

Highlights of Dera Baghdarrah